Adventure Ranch

Our Arizona canyoneering guides host multi-day adventure trips from those coming in from Phoenix and Sedona, as well as other Arizona destinations. Our private 27 acre ranch may be combined with these tours, in place of camping options. The Rocking X Ranch is located next to beautiful Reynolds Creek in forested pristine wilderness. If you are staying at the ranch with us, it’s a guarantee that you are embarking on some sort of adventure that will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Come visit the CenterFocus Adventure Ranch in Arizona.

Drive down the backroads that not many people have seen, climbing into Arizona's beautiful Sierra Ancha Mountains as you watch Saguaro Cactus give way to oak trees, then Ponderosa Pines ending up with Center Focus at the Rocking X Ranch.

The ranch is located at 5500 feet in Ponderosa Pines, in a valley filled with native ruins, red rock formations, and abundant wildlife. Located next to a beautiful creek, with walnut and sycamore trees, this 27 acre private ranch located in the Tonto National Forest is a pleasant way to unwind after a day of adventure, team building or simply to relax.

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