Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I reserve a trip?
A: Simply contact CenterFocus Reservations via telephone (928) 567-8580, or email at and our staff will help you. We will gather the necessary information via email or telephone about your interests and abilities, helping you to choose and to create the ideal trip for you and your group. This also allows us to be sure to match you up with a safe tour and to gather the necessary personal information to cater to your group in the most professional way possible. If you book via telephone then most information can be completed in about 5 minutes by a CenterFocus representative working with you to quickly set this up, and you will then be confirmed. If you decide to email us, we will reserve your trip itinerary once you are ready to book it, and all electronic forms will be provided to set up your trip at that time, along with payment instructions. Payment can be made on our website’s “Contact Us” page via Paypal.

Q: When are multi-day backpacking trips into the Grand Canyon and Havasupai available?
A: Most Grand Canyon multi-day backpacking trips are guided year-round with the exception of our Rim-to-Rim trips which take place from May to November. Havasupai is guided from March to November. Instead of only offering tours on specific dates, forcing you to join a pre-existing group, CenterFocus will work with you to schedule a trip for when it is convenient for you. As a result, we accept reservations for any dates, year-round. Upon submitting an information or reservation request via telephone or email for your desired dates, CenterFocus will provide you with the dates that we already have groups scheduled for. You are welcome to join one of these pre-existing trips, or request your own trip dates. If you request your own trip dates, CenterFocus will immediately begin to work on permitting for these days. You will be notified shortly regarding whether or not permitting was possible. If permitting is possible, we will reserve and guide you on your requested dates.

Q: For multi day trips, where do we leave our baggage and / or rental cars?
A: We offer multi day trips canyoneering near Roosevelt Lake, as well as multi day hiking trips in Sedona and Grand Canyon. (FOR CANYONEERING MULTI-DAY TRIPS) If you have booked a canyoneering camping trip, your car will be parked at our camping locations along with the guide’s trucks. We have never had issues in the pristine wilderness, so your car and items can stay here. Try to avoid bringing un-necessary expensive items, but if you must and are concerned contact us and we could store them at our private ranch, but this makes more work for the guides so it is appreciated as a small family company you help make this reasonable for us if possible. If you are canyoneering out of our ranch your car can be left on our private property and your belongings locked in our ranch. If you are concerned and travelling with that much valuable stuff, then the small extra fee to stay at our ranch will re-solve this issue as our private property is locked all day. (FOR GRAND CANYON AND SEDONA MULTI-DAY TRIPS) The day prior to these specific multi day trips, you are required to contact our office at 4pm, for your final trip briefing. The morning of your trip, we will meet at our office in the Sedona area at the reserved time. Your bags can be locked in our office, and your cars can be safety left in our lot until you return. If you are staying in Sedona and would like to get extra sleep, or you are staying in Flagstaff, Williams, or Tuscayan in regards to our multi day trips into Grand Canyon, we still require a pre-trip briefing phone call at 4pm the day prior to your trip. You will be then provided with your final pickup time for your journey that will begin the following day, and we will pick you up ANYWHERE that you would like in Sedona, Flagstaff, Williams, or Tuscayan (only Sedona or Flagstaff for Rim to Rim trips) the morning of your trip, with front door service at any hotel or private residence. HOWEVER, if you will not meet us at our shop the day of our trip, it is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to have a place to both leave your rental car/cars as well as your baggage. We can take a small to medium sized bag per person (10-20 pounds), along with us, and get that back to you after the trip is over. Typically this bag simply has any items needed to pack your provided equipment and backpacking bag once we arrive at trailhead. If you need to find a place to leave bags and cars, be aware the hotels WANT YOUR BUSINESS. Typically if you contact a few hotels in any of our pick up cities, and simply tell them you need to leave bags, and/or cars, they will accommodate this to be able to take your reservation. If a hotel will not help with this, we know from years of experience the hotel around the corner will be happy to accommodate you as to get your business, especially when setting up a hotel room the night prior and the night after your trip with us, as is typically the case. Simply contact a few hotels in any of these cities and you should have no issue finding a place to leave bags/ and cars if in Flagstaff, Williams or Tuscayan. If you need help, contact us, we are happy to help find accommodations that will work with you on this. Again the other option is to simply stay in Sedona, meeting at our office the day of / for departure where we can store all bags and cars without question.

Q: If we are interested in a multi-day event, but cannot make it on the dates listed, can I still book a tour?
A: All of our tours, in most cases, can be booked for anytime that works for you, as long as the given tour is in season. Extra fees may apply, contact us for details.

Q: I just want to go on a day-trip but cannot find calendar dates.
A: If a calendar is not present on the page of a given activity, it is an event that can be booked for any day that works for you, so long as we have availability.

Q: Can I book a private trip?
A: You can. Any single day event can be run privately at an additional one time $300 cost. For multi-day trips this cost would be a one time $750 fee to run the trip privately for your group or yourself.

Q: I have food allergies/preferences, is this a problem?
A: No, this is no problem. We will work with you to adapt our meals to meet your needs. Extra fees may apply for food related preferences.

Q: How far in advance should I book?
A: For Grand Canyon, Havasupai and Multi-Day tours we suggest five to six months, although we will always do our best to get you out, even if last minute. Typically for single day events two to three weeks of notice is recommended.

Q: Are your guides medically trained?
A: Yes, all of our guides have at a minimum, a certification as a medically trained Wilderness First Responder. We are fully insured and permitted in all of our tour locations.

Q: Is your camping and backpacking gear quality equipment?
A: Yes, anything we use is high quality and selected for exactly what we are doing. Our gear has been chosen by our guides because they have used the same equipment, beat it up, and if it withstood our tests, it made the list. Our gear includes products from Sierra Designs, Cascade Designs, Outdoor Research, Osprey, Petzl, and Mountainsmith. If you would like to see it click here

Q: Can I build my own custom itinerary?
A: Absolutely. We can help you create a custom tour to meet your needs, simply contact us and a representative will be more than happy to help with this.