Grand Canyon Day Hiking: Bright Angel

CenterFocus guides day hiking tours in Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, on the Bright Angel Trail. This classic Grand Canyon trail can be run as a three to six mile down and back guided day hike. We will pass ancient pictographs en route to the challenging Jacob's Ladder, while enjoying beautiful vistas. This route was originally used by Native Americans to reach the inner canyon and has nice views over towards the North Rim while staying tucked into the Bright Angel Fault. The Native artwork along this trail is wonderful to experience, helping you to see and picture people hundreds and thousands of years ago having sat along the route that we are hiking today.

CenterFocus offers some of the most personalized tours and smallest group sizes of any guide company in Grand Canyon National Park. We are a family run, locally based operation that prides itself in giving the best customer service to all of our clients. We feel that by keeping our groups small, we are able to provide you with the attention you deserve during your hiking tour with us.

These trips provide transportation directly out of Sedona, and most Northern, AZ cities with front door pickup at location of your choice. This allows you to sit back and relax, avoid paying park entrance fees or worrying about packing a proper lunch, so that you can just look out the windows and enjoy the beauty of Northern, AZ. No need to figure your way around the park’s shuttle system, waiting for hours in lines and during multiple stops along the way just trying to see the Grand Canyon and go hiking.

With CenterFocus we have direct trailhead access via special permit eliminating park shuttles, and we also know where to go and what trails to hike based on where people are during given times and seasons within the park, avoiding some of the busier areas so that we again, have a nicer experience.

In addition to this all information on what you are looking at is provided, how it was created, so that you take something away from the canyon and have an understanding of it that almost all people want to have once looking into Grand Canyon.

Our guides are all Wilderness Medical First Responders just in case, and to keep you safe. We provide high quality day packs and gear so that you are comfortable and can enjoy the day as much as possible.

Many competitors offer a cheaper option but will not include the transportation to or within the park, or have direct shuttle access to the trails to be able to take you on different trails within the park. Even if you are in the area and meet us at Grand Canyon, we still eliminate the park shuttle system. We drive in 5 minutes to places that would otherwise take 25-45 minutes each, to get to. It makes seeing Grand Canyon nicer as we can literally just go around touring the park, enjoying the day on our own time and seeing a whole lot more.

  • - Time: Year round
  • - Difficulty Rating: 4/10
  • - Distance & Elevation: 3 miles ~ 1140 feet
  • - 6 miles ~ 1940 feet
  • - Pricing: Click Here
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