Our Philosophy

In this high-speed society we need an opportunity to stop, look around, and simply enjoy living. At Center Focus Experiences, we use a complete synergy of interpersonal qualities, understanding and technical knowledge to create the ideal outdoor adventure for you. Having climbed and trekked around the world, Center Focus guides offer a blend of experience and soul.

We consider each journey to be a shared adventure between guide and client. Our love for what we do makes us unique and will reflect on your own Experience. CenterFocus was started and is owned by guides, and has always been a labor of love for us. We always strive to go above and beyond in our services, many times becoming friends with our clients. We will work out trip details with clients, even when unrelated to our tour. CenterFocus offers small group sizes and always gives everything we have to our clients.

Our guides are true stewards of the environment and spend much of their own personal time protecting and cleaning up the wilderness by removing trash and graffiti from these sensitive and beautiful areas. We have never forgotten what this company was all about - an expression of our love for the outdoors. This is why we do what we do.