Grand Canyon Backpacking: Porter Assisted

Are you looking to enjoy backpacking the Grand Canyon but do not want to contend with packing your personal items and equipment? Contact us about our fully supported guided Grand Canyon Backpacking Tours.

Better than a mule assisted tour, our fully portered trip makes the Rim to Rim hike and many other journeys possible that would otherwise be impossible in the Grand Canyon using any other means, including mule support. As all guided mule trips in Grand Canyon can only bring visitors and their equipment to the Phantom Ranch and back again to rim top in regards to overnight stays, camping and travelling in a light fashion on other routes within Grand Canyon becomes impossible. This limits the ability to avoid packing a backpack on the more remote journeys, such as off corridor trips as well as the ability to go on a supported Rim to Rim trip. This becomes possible with CenterFocus by having the ability to use all necessary camps to do these trips, by avoiding using mules and having the ability to go where the mules cannot.

These trips require clients to be fit, and ready for challenge, but by travelling without packing your personal items and gear, taking pictures becomes easier, the hike can simply be a bit more comfortable and enjoyable, your ability to look around and not feel the fatigue becomes heightened; this is simply an option for those who feel not packing the typically required weight sounds like it would increase their personal ability to enjoy the canyon. However we do like to stress that this is not an alternative to being out of shape as you must still be ready for an adventure and physical challenge during this once in a lifetime experience.

Travelling with this option allows you the benefits of not having to worry about hiking with a heavier pack while having no limitation as to where we are able to take you while travelling in this style.

You will be provided with a daypack, and your water and snacks for each day as well. Other than this, all of your personal items and equipment for the trip will be packed along the entire route for you. This option can be combined with any Grand Canyon guided backpacking trip that we offer. You are still expected to be ready for a backpacking trip and pack clothing and back-country needs in a similar fashion as when packing them on non-portered trips.

The porters are also guides, so you will have additional professionals on your team as part of this trip. This means more interpretation and resources to make your fully customized trip best meet your specific personal needs.

Contact us for details in regards to this option.

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